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GruppeM Carbon Fiber Intake System

Brand: GruppeM | Category: Intake Systems

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Product Description

The top of the range “High-End Intake Systems” is made without compromise to maximize the overall performance of air intake systems as one complete unit. Conical air filter, placed within the inner and outer of center cone, controls air turbulences that in turn fosters the speed of airflow to accelerate. Each carbon intake is custom made specially to meet the specification of individual car and other mechanisms within the systems, such as heat insulation and air-cooling, are also carefully designed to work in synergy to produce the superlative performance as the whole unit. High-End Intake Systems assures to provide optimal environment for achieving the full potential out of machinery. High-End Intake Systems can be bolted-on by using specially designed fitting adapter.

Carbon intake duct
Isolating the engine steam and delivering cool air to the filter.
It performs the function of an air chamber, and giving priority to intake efficiency, the shape is specially designed for each model, taking into consideration the engine characteristics and the character of the vehicle. We also accept orders for the production of carbon cablers.

Quick release center clamp
To improve maintenance performance, quick-release clamps are being used.

Center cone
In order to achieve even better air-intake rectification, center cones have been installed in the filter tops and inners.

High-dimensional four-layer cotton filter
The filter has multiple layers of natural cotton, strengthened using stainless steel mesh. It is a wet type using special oil. It is accordion-shaped, maintaining an enlarged air-intake area with control of any deformation due to the negative pressure. With a grid structure, the filter rectifies the air-intake while filtering.

Funnel ring
Extreme priority has been given to intake performance, and a funneling ring has also been installed on the adapter (except for some models).

Each vehicle Fitting Adaptor
Because the adaptors are specially designed for each model, they can be bolted on.

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